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Gun cabinets

We offer a wide range of safes and cabinets primarily for the protection of weapons. Of course, safes and cabinets for weapons can also be used to store other things similar in size. In our offer you will find cabinets from the narrowest (from 250 mm) to massive safety cabinets (width more than one meter). The height of the cabinet is usually about 1.5 meters. Weapon cabinets have a capacity from three long weapons to eighteen pieces. Thieves are usually a difficult obstacle due to their elongated shape.

Keep your weapons safe and avoid any inconvenience.

Weapons can be a very dangerous toy and can lead to serious accidents if handled incorrectly. And they happen unfortunately quite often. Do everything possible so that no one else has access to your weapons. The weapon cabinet should be an automatic accessory for any weapon fan, whether long or short. Choose quality protection from Safetronics. 

Our Services


Burning by laser

We offer effective processing of iron plates, aluminum and stainless steel, using the most modern computer controlled laser machine TruLaser 3030. It is characteristic by its flexibility and maximum reliability.


Specialists‘ advice

Basic advice when choosing a type of safe.


Safe servicing

Complete servicing is covered by sales department of SAFEtronics a.s. We handle warranty and out-of-warranty servicing of all our products.