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Specialists‘ advice

SAFE – general instructions

  • It is a part of complex compound security, valuables, documents, jewellery, arms and cash money.
  • It is necessary to anchor the safes up to 500 kg for absolute security of stored belongings according the instructions of the producer – furniture safes, brick into the wall – according the recommended instructions of the producer – wall safes.
  • If you are placing the wall safe into enclosure wall, it is important to think about thermal insulation features of the masonry, you can prevent the condensation of moisture inside the safe e.g. by putting approximately 3 cm thick polystyrene board into the back side of the safe.
  • Do not anchor wall safe in vicinity of the chimney lining
  • Importance of anchoring the furniture safes is obvious because of their low weight – it is possible to carry the safe up to 100 kg or throw ones up to 500 kg out of the window.
  • In case of self-installation of the safe by a customer it is important to choose the place of the anchoring properly so it could meet appropriate standard e.g. It is not suitable to anchor the safe into porous-concrete or plasterboard. We choose for example the concrete floor instead.
  • We have to meet technological regulations and instructions as well while installing. We have to use anchoring components according the certified methods, otherwise security and validity of the certificate is placed in jeopardy.

Basic advice when choosing a type of safe

One has to always consider basic features of the product with similar comparable products and own objective needs as well, and those are:

  1. Security (certificate – sets the safety class)
  2. Inner capacity used for storing valuables
  3. Type of a lock, producer – quality, possible combinations:
    • Mechanical – opens with a key
    • Mechanical - combinatory – user code is entered by a vernier (wheel)
    • Electronic – used code is entered by a keypad

    It is essential to assess the security of locks in cases of emergency and possibility of key handling misconduct.

  4. Design and color variety
  5. Price, delivery date, terms of warranty servicing

Safe reviews in terms of security

Basically there are two types of certificate used:

  • declaration of concordance with the norm STN or ČSN EN 1143-1- basic and the most common certifications
  • NBÚ certificate (National Security Office) classing safes into categories „V,D,T,PT“ for law-related purposes

Certificates are issued and examination is administered by a company or institution accredited by the state.

Our Services


Burning by laser

We offer effective processing of iron plates, aluminum and stainless steel, using the most modern computer controlled laser machine TruLaser 3030. It is characteristic by its flexibility and maximum reliability.


Specialists‘ advice

Basic advice when choosing a type of safe.


Safe servicing

Complete servicing is covered by sales department of SAFEtronics a.s. We handle warranty and out-of-warranty servicing of all our products.