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archive storages cabinets

Archived cabinets are ideal for offices, warehouses or archives to safely store important documents and valuables on the lock. Cabinets have adjustable shelves whose load capacity is up to 100 kg. High-quality 1.5 mm thick steel sheets and 2 mm thick doors give the cabinets possible safeguards against misuse of usable documents and valuables. A four-point safe lock is used in the door. MAUER certified according to VdS Schadenverhutung GmbH Cologne, protected door in one piece on the top door, in one piece on the lower part of the door,and in two other parts of the door. Quality work with high stability, long preservation of the user value of the product.

AS 190/100 M

Colour: anthracite
831.60 € with VAT
693.00 € without VAT

Height 1900 mm
Width 1000 mm
Depth 400 mm
Inner height 1800 mm
Inner width 995 mm
Inner depth 370 mm
Number of shelves 4
Weight 115 kg
Volume 662 l
Archiving cabinets are a popular helper for companies, offices, warehouses and archival facilities. They can hold a large volume of documents and files for archiving. They have a secure lock and high-quality steel sheets from 1.5 mm thick. Archives cabinets are a safe choice for your documents We also offer a high quality filing cabinet with the type designation AS 190/100 M. This cabinet has the following dimensions: 190 cm high, 100 cm wide and 40 cm deep. The shelves are adjustable, with ideal setting you have 5 spaces. One shelf can handle loads up to 100 kg. Cabinet weight is 115 kg. If you need to archive your files and documents under a better lock, let us recommend our single or double-jacket safe cabinets. These cabinets offer anchoring and high-quality security locks. Of course there is full certification, warranty and post-warranty service. If you are interested we can bring the cabinet directly to the place and install it as needed.

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