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Document cabinets

Documents cabinets are designed to store more important documents. They also can by used to store valuables and cash, but for these matters we have more real safes available.  Simple modification can change combined alternative for long weapons.


Document cabinets by SAFEtronics 

If you are interested in buying a documents cabinet, we recommend you to choose from our four categories: Safe cabinets, double-jacket cabinets, single-jacket cabinets and Archiving Cabinets. Anchoring holes are provided in the cabinets for firm anchoring to the floor or wall. Similar to safes, we also use high-quality two-component polyurethane paints with mechanical damage resistance. The basic color design is anthracite (silver gray color). All SAFEtronics safes and cabinets are fully certified and tested with demanding tests and inspections. In case of interest our cabinet can be installed by our team of specialists and of course there is also a warranty or post-warranty service. Put yourself in the hands of safes experts - SAFEtronics team.

Our Services


Burning by laser

We offer effective processing of iron plates, aluminum and stainless steel, using the most modern computer controlled laser machine TruLaser 3030. It is characteristic by its flexibility and maximum reliability.


Specialists‘ advice

Basic advice when choosing a type of safe.


Safe servicing

Complete servicing is covered by sales department of SAFEtronics a.s. We handle warranty and out-of-warranty servicing of all our products.