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Safes are an effective protection of your valuables from thieves or unwanted influences. The basic classification of safes is as follows: Wall safes, floor safes, furniture safes, gun safes, file safes and fireproof safes. Most safes have three types of locks: mechanical, electronic and mechanical combination locks. Before buying your safe, it is good to think about some things. First of all, what do you need a safe for? The most commonly kept items are: cash, jewelry / jewelery, documents, data carriers and weapons. After answering this question, you should know the size of the required safe. The second important thing is where will you put the safe? Choose a convenient and unobtrusive place to make it the most difficult for a thief.

Safes of every kind on

We offer safes of different sizes, type of lock, degree of security, location and durability. We have many years of experience in the field of safes, we are willing and will be happy to answer any question that will help you choose or install.

With our safes you don't have to worry about anything. 

Our Services


Burning by laser

We offer effective processing of iron plates, aluminum and stainless steel, using the most modern computer controlled laser machine TruLaser 3030. It is characteristic by its flexibility and maximum reliability.


Specialists‘ advice

Basic advice when choosing a type of safe.


Safe servicing

Complete servicing is covered by sales department of SAFEtronics a.s. We handle warranty and out-of-warranty servicing of all our products.