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fire safes

SentrySafe fireproof boxes are practical solutions for storing and protecting securities and documents from fire. These boxes can be either individually or inserted into a safe and can be protected by stored valuables. The boxes are suitable with a cylinder lock.

Sentry SAFE 0500

Lock: cylindrical
Colour: black
40.80 € with VAT
34.00 € without VAT

Tested at 843 ° C. After 30 minutes, the documents and the contents of the CD, DVD and USB storage media remained intact. This protection does not apply to diskettes and tapes!
Height 155 mm
Width 309 mm
Depth 260 mm
Inner height 95 mm
Inner width 247 mm
Inner depth 185 mm
Weight 5 kg
Volume 4,4 l

Sentry SAFE 1200

Lock: cylindrical
Colour: black
51.60 € with VAT
43.00 € without VAT

Tested at the temperature of 843°C. After 30 minutes the documents as well content of CDs, DVDs and USB drives remained untouched. The mentioned protection does not relate to floppy disks and tapes!


Height 155 mm
Width 362 mm
Depth 284 mm
Inner height 89 mm
Inner width 305 mm
Inner depth 191 mm
Weight 6,4 kg
Volume 5 l

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Burning by laser

We offer effective processing of iron plates, aluminum and stainless steel, using the most modern computer controlled laser machine TruLaser 3030. It is characteristic by its flexibility and maximum reliability.


Specialists‘ advice

Basic advice when choosing a type of safe.


Safe servicing

Complete servicing is covered by sales department of SAFEtronics a.s. We handle warranty and out-of-warranty servicing of all our products.